Ability to hide a series of fields within a record based on a condition or series of conditions.
Use Cases:
  1. We have a number of formula fields that are used within other formulas, and the display of these fields on the record page provides no value to our users. We currently use a section of Hidden Fields that we place at the bottom of the record and collapse this section by default. This does work for us, but it would be even better if we could add a condition not to display this section and are related fields in the section if the user is not Solution Owner.
  2. We have a series of fields that need to be completed based on the type of record. Example: If the property type is "commercial," then the user needs to see and complete a specific section of fields, but if the type is "residential", then there is another section of fields to be complete. Again, we use sections for these, and this does work, but it would be even better if we could hide the section of fields that is not needed.
We would like to have the same filter capabilities that are available in View filters to use as the conditions. Meaning we can use any field in the record to set the condition.
We also need an easy way to see and manage all of the section display properties that have been set. Maybe you could add this capability to the current Page Design panel as a tab of "Display Conditions" or "Page Logic". We could then see all conditions that have been setup by Section and possible Field.